• System Design and Maintenance
  • Multi Camera Productions
  • Wireless Audio Coordination
  • Video Camera Shader (V1, V2)
  • Broadcast Truck Engineering (EIC1, EIC2)



Comcast Media Center

Dan spent 5 years as Engineer In Charge of the live broadcast studios and helped maintain the numerous post production suites at the once "state of the art" Comcast Media Centers in Littleton Colorado. He was in charge of countless live broadcast and television productions, sometimes with 2 or 3 shoots going simultaneously ...Never missing air or a single failed production.

NFL Team - Denver Broncos

As " Video Shader" for the Denver Broncos "Thundervision" team since 2001, Dan takes great pride and joy in the challenging position of  V1,  making the cameras look just right for the thousands of fans that go to the game. The conditions change through out the day... from bright sun to dark shadows from passing clouds change the look in an instant... and differently for each of the cameras, so constant attention must be maintained. This attention to detail and quality of work is what has built and continues the outstanding reputation of Engineer At Large.


Broadcast Sports Network

For over 5 years Engineer At Large has been on the job as Engineer In Charge (EIC) or Video Shader (V1) on hundreds of live sports broadcasts. If you have ever watched professional or college sports you have probably seen Dan's work. ESPN, FSN, CBS Sports, and The MTN Sports Network are just a few of the networks that have entrusted the look of their broadcast to Engineer At Large.

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